Mask mandate lifted at UMass Dartmouth

Feb 28, 2022

Fully vaccinated staff and students at UMass Dartmouth will no longer be required to mask up while indoors as of Feb. 28, the university announced Monday.

The decision comes following a recommendation from the university’s Pandemic Emergency Response Team based on declining Covid transmission rates and high vaccination rates on campus.

According to university data as of Feb. 28, 97% staff & 95% students are fully vaccinated against the virus.

Chancellor Mark Fuller praised the Dartmouth campus’ milestone via Twitter.

“I'm so proud of how our community worked together to keep vaccinations high and rates of [Covid-19] infections low,” he tweeted. “[UMass Dartmouth] has only navigated these challenging times because of the hard work of our students, faculty, and staff.”

University officials noted that while the mandate is now lifted, face coverings are still encouraged while indoors and will make available KN95 and triple-ply surgical masks across campus.

The university will also provide students with rapid test kits prior to spring break, which runs from March 4 to March 15. Rapid tests will also be available to campus faculty and staff upon request.

Those who are not fully vaccinated are still advised to wear a face covering or mask when indoors.

Face coverings will also continue to be worn while inside Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, and while riding campus shuttles or other university transportation.

Those who test positive for the virus will be required to wear a mask for five days after leaving their isolation period regardless of vaccination status.