More than $1 million in infrastructure funding coming to Dartmouth

Jul 19, 2021

A state-wide transportation infrastructure bill could bring more than $1 million to Dartmouth for projects like improvements to roads, bridges, and sidewalks after the he state legislature passed a $350 million transportation financing bill on July 15.

According to State Sen. Mark Montigny, Dartmouth would receive $1,184,333.

“This funding will give New Bedford and surrounding towns like Dartmouth the resources to conduct vital infrastructure repairs,” he said. “In addition to the expected local funding, these grant allocations will help communities to tackle pressing issues and improve transportation options for residents. The state funding will provide major financial relief to residents whose property taxes are far too high, in addition to the safety and efficiency benefits.”

The bill includes $200 million for municipalities along with $150 million divided into six $25 million grant programs. Grants will go toward traffic bottleneck relief, small bridges, as well as improving electric vehicle and public transportation infrastructure around the Commonwealth.

The bill now awaits a signature by Gov. Charlie Baker before Dartmouth can see any funds.