Move of historic North Dartmouth Library in question

Oct 18, 2021

The movement of the old North Dartmouth Library to the Council on Aging on Dartmouth Street will have to wait for the time being, as town officials expressed concerns over potential damage to the historic building.

At an Oct. 18 meeting, Select Board Chair Shawn McDonald noted that the town building commissioner found that if there were an attempt to move the library, it “would fall apart on the truck.”

Last year, the Dartmouth Council on Aging and Friends of the Elderly revealed plans to restore and move the historic building for use as a space for the senior center’s programs.

The little library was built in 1911 at Smith Mills on State Road and was later moved to its current location on Tucker Road.

The historic library has not been in use for years, and has fallen into disrepair, McDonald said.

Another issue is the ground the building sits on.

McDonald noted the library is in an area prone to flooding and that the building “has flooded several times in my lifetime,” rotting the wood structure of the library.

“Basically, it’s a stone sponge,” he said.

Select Board member Stanley Mickelson suggested that the town reach out to UMass Dartmouth to have engineering students find a way to pick up the old building.

Another suggestion was to keep the building in place and refurbish it for future use there.

“I don’t think anyone wants to get rid of that building, that’s for sure,” Mickelson said.

Ultimately, the board decided to consult with the Historical Commission before moving forward on the issue.