New ‘kids’ on the block at Round the Bend Farm

Mar 28, 2023

Round the Bend Farm in South Dartmouth is excited to welcome a new herd of kids, hoping to inspire human kids.

This year Hannah Wylie and her husband Tyler See have welcomed 11 baby goats to the farm this spring.

The goats are used for their milk which the farmers turn into cheese. Additionally, each year, a couple of goats are used for their meat. According to the Round the Bend Farm website, “Goat meat is one of the leanest and healthiest forms of meat available and is widely consumed around the world.”

Because the farm is an educational non-profit, above all else the goats and the farm are a platform to teach. They offer school field trips and on-site workshops.

As part of the farm’s mission to teach, Round the Bend welcomes the public during their Open Farm Days, the first of which will be held on April 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A major attraction for Open Farm Day is “allowing the public in to come and play with the goats and to pet them and hold them…get[s] them more acclimated toward humans,” said Wylie.

The human kids and their animal counterparts blend well, she said. The children “go right up to’’ the baby goats, which “helps a lot’’ with their socialization.

Wylie explained that because the animals spend so much time with humans, through events like Open Farm Day, they are easier to handle and especially sociable with visitors.

“We’re really looking forward to opening back up and bringing the public back in,” Wylie said.