New marijuana outlet, Dunkin proposed for Faunce Corner Road

Oct 21, 2019

A new marijuana retail outlet and a Dunkin are among four lots being proposed for a new development on Faunce Corner Road.

The Faunce Corner Development will also include three new office buildings at its 479 Faunce Corner Road location just south of the Hawthorn Medical complex.

If all goes according to plan, three existing houses will be razed to make way for the project.

Both the Dunkin and the marijuana establishment will also need a special permit ⁠— which is a separate process ⁠— before construction can begin.

The development proposals were presented to the Planning Board on October 21 and will be heard again at a meeting on November 18, at which the Board will also discuss granting the special permits.

Cannabis company Apotho Therapeutics out of Plainville, MA will be applying for the permit in the hopes of leasing the planned 2400-square-foot marijuana dispensary facility.

Meanwhile the Dunkin proposal comes after a zoning petition to allow drive-thru restaurants in the office industrial district encompassing that portion of Faunce Corner Road failed at the Town Meeting in June this year.

The petition had been proposed by a developer seeking to build a “concept” Dunkin location with multiple drive-thru lanes, including a lane specifically designated for online app order pick-ups

This new proposal does not include a drive-thru ⁠— although on the site plans, a space is left on the signage with an outline of the words “Drive Thru” and a note stating that the graphics would be filled out “if approved” in the future.

The Planning Board noted that they would like to see more walkways connecting the proposed buildings to each other and to Faunce Corner Road so that office workers could walk or bicycle to the facilities.

Board member John Sousa also initially rejected the design for the proposed Dunkin. “Did you look at our suggested design standards at all?” he asked the engineers presenting the project. “You’ll never get my vote on this building...We’re looking to get away from the box.”

But the company produced another design that Sousa said was “exactly what our design standards are looking for.”

“Why did you let my blood pressure go up?” he asked with a laugh.

Review of the site plans was continued until a Planning Board meeting on November 18.