New stop signs at intersection of Milton Street and Holland Street

Jun 7, 2024

The Select Board approved a request from Fire District 1 Chief Peter Andrade for stop signs to be installed at the intersection of Milton Street and Holland at its meeting Monday, June 3.

Due to the “hazardous conditions” of the intersection, temporary signs will be in place until permanent ones are installed.

Andrade requested the signs be placed on each side of Holland Street, with multiple car accidents occurring in that intersection just this year. 

He explained how often it is when people are trying to turn off Holland Street onto Milton Street and may not be familiar with the amount of traffic in that area, with Milton Street connecting Slocum Road and Sharp Street. 

Andrade said it has created “quite an accident there.”

“Before something bad happens, we just see the need for it and put the request in,” he said.

Select Board Chair Shawn McDonald suggested including any form of communication for drivers in that area that a new sign has been installed. This could range from a flashing sign, a painted stop line or a warning sign if there is enough distance before the stop.