New virtual exhibit at cultural center highlights student artists

Feb 24, 2021

The Dartmouth Cultural Center may be temporarily closed, but a new virtual exhibit called “Amplifying Voice” showcasing student artists at Our Sisters’ School is taking place online.

According to OSS Creativity Director Tobey Eugenio, students from the entire school — grades five through eight — were invited to participate, and nearly all of them did.

The exhibit shows over 100 works of art made by students aged 10-14 in a variety of media, including watercolor, photography, and cut paper.

Just like at a regular gallery for adult artists, the participants submitted forms to describe their work and chose whether to sell it, and for what price.

“I believe that making art is just one piece of the creative journey,” Eugenio explained. “The students had the autonomy to make the decisions they wanted to make.”

Eugenio noted that the exhibit celebrates the identity and creativity of the artists, highlighting the fact that what they make is part of their voice — “which is why it’s called ‘Amplifying Voice,’” she added.

Each student could submit up to three pieces. 

The works ranged from the expressive — with many subjects focused on current events or social justice issues — to anything the artist was passionate about, including food.

“Some pieces are purely just for joy,” said Eugenio with a laugh. “Some of our younger students, that’s what they do.”

The feedback thus far has been “phenomenal,” according to the creativity director. “Families and community members are voting, and students are selling some of their work, which is really cool.”

For Dartmouth Cultural Center President and artist Jill Law, the students — some of whom visited her in her studio — “were a breath of fresh air.”

“It's been a pleasure to put this together for the girls,” she noted. “In my heart, I know what the DCC has done is helping to empower young women and a new generation of artists.”

The exhibit can be viewed at and will continue through March 14.