Opinion: A difficult decision

Jun 6, 2022

To the editor:

I have been a lifelong Republican since I first voted for 'Ike" in 1952. 
Now I have not always voted only for Republicans but have tried to vote for the most qualified candidate for each office. I would classify myself as a "Rockefeller" Republican — somewhat progressive on social issues but strongly conservative on financial matters. Massachusetts, while a strong Democratic State has often elected a Republican candidate for governor as they did in the last election.
Unfortunately the state Republican party refused to support our present Governor and at the state convention and endorsed "right wing" candidates who have no chance of being elected in November.  Some of us had been trying to recruit mainline candidates to run for the legislature in November so we could a least try to keep the "two party" system alive in the commonwealth. 
However, now we face a crisis of conscience:  Should we try to keep the Republican party alive in Massachusetts by running for office, but then, we would be expected to support candidates who deny the legitimacy of the last presidential election and have, so far, not outlined a plan for governing the commonwealth if they should win the election?
After consideration, I am passing up my candidacy for the State Legislature and I expect that this fall's election will see the death of the Massachusetts Republican party in November. I can only hope that new more main line thinkers will reconstitute the party and we will have a rejuvenated two party system in this commonwealth.
Patrick J. T Curran, Ph.D.,