Opinion: Markey is out of step

Aug 24, 2022

To the editor:

Thanks for your coverage of the debate between incumbent State Rep. Chris Markey and challenger Cameron Costa. 

As a Dartmouth voter, I watched the debate online and had two strong reactions: first, I was shocked that Rep. Markey referred to any concerns or questions from constituents as “whining.” Seems to me that as a representative, he should be glad that voters raise concerns to him, however his words made it seem as though he has contempt for us.

Second, Markey stated that residents coming in from Boston via the train would "bring people who care about education to the area" who would then improve our area’s educational system. As if the people in Dartmouth have no clue and really need this input from Boston folks. As a parent of two students in the public schools, I and others are committed to educational advancement for our children. 

For Markey to suggest otherwise is quite offensive.  

Despite all his talk of improving education, Markey is one of the very few Democrats who has repeatedly voted against the Fair Share Amendment which would direct a billion dollars toward public education, K-12 and higher ed, every year. This money would go toward reducing class sizes, pay for proper instruction for special ed students, increase art, music, and tech classes for students. 

This incongruency between Rep. Markey's words and actions was highlighted once again last week when the state decided to raise MCAS standards and nearly 100 state legislators signed on to a letter objecting this, Markey was not among them. 

I’m going to vote for Cameron Costa. I think it's time for a change and I share Cameron's vision for our district. He is open to hearing from all of us. I believe Markey is out of step with the majority of his constituents.

April Jennison,