Opinion: Regarding concern with dogs at Elm Street Cemetery

Jun 28, 2024

To the editor:

Reading an opinion piece from Ms. Veiga concerning dogs in the Elm Street South Dartmouth Cemetery, as a former board member of the cemetery and as a plot holder as well, I sympathize with your frustration.

I erected a number of leash and pickup after your dog signs and closed off a few entrances to discourage this activity.

I consulted with other cemetery managers about no dogs allowed signs. What I heard was that like most signs, they were ineffective — plus difficult to enforce.

I got nothing but grief from walkers for my trouble and near physical altercations from some folks I asked to please leash and pick up. A couple got ugly.

I might add that I am a dog walker, but I am careful to pick up and dispose of the waste in a proper manner.

Sadly, signs are only as good as people that obey them, stop signs are a great example.


Richard Munson