Opinion: Regarding dogs at Elm Street Cemetery

Jun 2, 2024
To the editor:
Every Memorial Day, I visit the graves of my lost relatives, including my dad and mom's graves at the Elm Street Cemetery. My Dad was a veteran of WWII and his only wish was to have flowers on his grave for Memorial Day.
I followed his wishes because I loved him and was thankful for all the wonderful things that he did for me.
On the Saturday following the holiday, I returned to water the plants.
I was more than horrified when I arrived and saw a woman walking her dog, not on the paths, OVER THE DECORATED GRAVES. She saw me, walked past me silently, enjoying the day as though nothing was wrong. 
It took all of my courage to keep from commenting directly to her.
There are "NO DOGS ALLOWED" signs at St. Mary, St. John, Rural, etc.
I am requesting that the Elm Street Cemetery adopt the same practice because it seems that the people who live nearby just don't have common sense.
Katherine Veiga