Quinn School announces name of new lion mascot

Dec 1, 2022

Students and staff at James Quinn Elementary gathered in the school’s gym on Monday, Nov. 21 for one reason — to find out the name of their new mascot, the Lion.

The proud pride roared with approval as the name was announced, having been chosen from a list of five finalists by a school-wide vote.

As their cheers filled the air, the Lion charged into the room wearing a t-shirt bearing his new name, “Leo.”

The new mascot was chosen at the end of the last school year to promote the school’s revamped behavior system. It is intended to represent several positive character traits that students are expected to demonstrate: responsibility, organization, accepting, and respect (ROAR).

“We have been able to start this school year with a new energy after going back to basics and bringing in a new mascot to not only explicitly teach the school-wide expectations, but also to do it in a fun way,” said Assistant Principal Audra Thomas. “Students are earning Lion Loot coins when they demonstrate an expectation in one of our settings and, because of our amazing PTO, we have Lion posters and signage all over the school that students and staff can refer to during the day.”

Other possible names for the Lion included Quinn, Roary, Paw, and Lionel. But Leo was chosen overwhelmingly.