Quinn students dine with first responders at special lunch

Nov 4, 2019

Quinn Elementary School students enjoyed a special lunch with a group of special guests at a first responder lunch on November 4.

More than 80 students throughout the school got to eat lunch with police officers, firefighters, and paramedics as a thank-you for raising money for the school’s Color Run fundraiser. 

“We came up with fun incentives for the kids to build their pledges,” said Assistant Principal Audra Thomas. “We think it worked.” 

Those who got to attend the lunch event raised at least $100 in pledges. 

Inside the school’s community room, a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic sat down at a table filled with curious elementary schoolers. 

Dartmouth Police Deputy Chief Tony Vincent fielded a host of questions, from how police officers make arrests, to how firefighters put out fires. 

“I’m loving this, I really enjoy getting to do stuff like this,” he said as he shared a conversation with a group of first graders about their favorite Christmas movies. 

Lucas Oversen got to eat lunch with his home hero, UMass Dartmouth police officer Chet Ovesen — or, as he was known in the room, Mr. Incredible as he came dressed in a costume for the event. 

“This is a special event with special people, and it’s fun talking with the students,” Ovesen said.

Fire District 3 firefighter Andrew Martin talked to a group of kids about what they want to be when they grow up. Although there were aspiring zoologists, chefs, and veterinarians in his group, there were no future firefighters. 

There are more special incentive events for students who helped raise money for the October 5 Color Run, and not just for students. Thomas and Principal Kyle Grandfield will soon spend a night on the roof of the school after hitting a goal of receiving pledges from every state.