Raccoons rescued from Dunkin’ Donuts dumpster

Jan 7, 2020

The trash pandas are at it again, as Animal Control Officer Sandra Gosselin rescued four raccoons from a dumpster behind a Dunkin’ on State Road on Tuesday morning.

In a video posted to the Animal Control Office Facebook page, one of the raccoons can be seen trying to escape by climbing up the long handle of a net, before being nabbed and released back into the wild.

Animal Control Officers can be heard chuckling at the critters in the video as they tried to help them climb out of the nearly empty dumpster.

“They were awful fat,” Gosselin noted over the phone after the rescue.

Perhaps next time the animals will think twice about making a donut run.

The Animal Control Office urges Dartmouth residents not to approach or handle wildlife and to call problem animal control agents if there is an issue.