Reed Road overpass rededicated to honor fallen officer

Aug 18, 2023

The Reed Road 195 highway overpass was rededicated to fallen Dartmouth Police Officer Charles Christie on Aug. 18.

The overpass was originally dedicated to Christie when it was constructed in March 1967, but
Craig Tjersland realized the signs were run down and needed to be replaced and started organizing the ceremony.

After doing some research, “I drove up here and looked at the signs, they were terrible, and I thought, ‘I bet you we could do better,’” Tjersland said.

After the project was put briefly on hold Tjersland said, “We have to come back and make this right.”

Christie was killed on August 18, 1966, in a construction accident while directing traffic while the overpass was being built. He is the only Dartmouth police officer to die in the line of duty, he was 75 when he died.

For the ceremony, many current Dartmouth Police officers were in attendance, and family members of Christie, who traveled from New Hampshire for the rededication.

“I just appreciate what Craig and the whole police department did to bring this forward and make it complete,” said Stephen Whiteacre, Christie’s great-nephew. “It is an honor to the Christie family, and we appreciate it.”

Christie became a police officer in Dartmouth after serving in World War I, working for the Dartmouth Water Department and as a guard at the Ash Street Jail.

In addition to the overpass, Christie’s name was added to the Washington D.C. Police Officers Memorial Wall in May of this year. Tjersland said former Dartmouth Officer Jason Arruda spearheaded the effort to have his name added to the wall.