Sheriff’s office offering special IDs for seniors

Nov 25, 2019

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office is spreading the word about one of its new services for seniors: Senior Safe IDs.

The Sheriff’s Office program, which launched in March, can provide senior citizens with special identification cards. They feature their name, photo, and address on the front, and emergency contact information on the back. 

The cards come with a lanyard which seniors can wear around their necks when out and about going for a walk or out shopping. The Senior Safe IDs are quick and easy to make, and are available in minutes. 

"It takes longer to set up the computer that it does to print the ID," said Tina Marie LePage, the manager of public programs at the Bristol County Sheriff's Office.

Senior Safe IDs are not a substitute for a driver's license or an official state ID card. They are for safety purposes by offering seniors the ability to always have their name, picture and emergency contact nearby.

The Sheriff’s Office is now planning to make the Senior Safe IDs available across the county. Recently, they were in Seekonk distributing IDs at the senior center. 

Senior centers, housing authorities or other community organizations who are interested in senior IDs can contact Tina at 508-995-6400 ext. 2176 or via email at