Stakeholder meeting for reclassification of shellfish growing areas

Mar 11, 2024

The State Division of Marine Fisheries will hold a virtual stakeholder meeting on Monday, March 11 at 3 p.m. to discuss reclassification of designated shellfish growing areas coming to Dartmouth waters and much of Buzzards Bay.

This reclassification is part of an ongoing effort by the Division of Marine Fisheries to respond to federal requirements regarding safety zones around wastewater treatment plants outfalls and it has previously reclassified waters around outfalls in Marshfield, Scituate, Plymouth and Fall River. 

The negative changes to harvesting opportunities are related to theoretical studies of the potential impacts from the sewer treatment discharge of the New Bedford treatment facility, according to Harbormaster and Shellfish Constable Steve Melo.

The Division of Marine Fisheries invites all stakeholders for this opportunity to learn more about federal requirements for safety zones around wastewater treatment plants; review the division’s previous work to address safety zones and efforts made to maintain traditional shellfish fishing opportunities while addressing public health concerns; describe the division’s action plan for Buzzards Bay and how this may impact shellfish growing area classifications for the region moving forward; and take questions and comments from the public.

Any member of the public who enjoys the recreational shellfishing opportunities Dartmouth and Buzzards Bay offer should be considered a stakeholder with interest in this meeting, Melo said.

The meeting can be attended through Zoom.

Phone: 1-312-626-6799
Passcode: 713404
Webinar ID: 831-7823-8431