Stang to offer dual enrollment for students

Feb 27, 2019

Students at Bishop Stang High School will now be able to earn college credit as they work towards their high school diploma. The school is launching a College Gateway Program that would allow students to take college courses in approved programs that would count as credit towards Bishop Stang’s graduation requirements, be recognized on Stang transcripts, and be factored into students’ GPAs using the same weight as Advanced Placement courses.

Students will be able to apply to up to three dual enrollment courses per year at Bristol Community College, Community College of Rhode Island, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, or Bridgewater State University.

“Given the cost of college today, and the increased expectations placed on high school students, we wanted to offer more opportunities for Bishop Stang students to earn college credit while still in high school,” said Principal Peter Shaughnessy. “Enrolling in college level courses can help our students to better determine future majors and careers, provide greater flexibility, and relieve student stress. In concert with current AP offerings, students who participate in this program will potentially be able to reduce the total years and cost of a college degree.”

More information about the program is available at