Thousands of police disciplinary records released by state

Aug 25, 2023

The state’s Peace Officer Standards and Training commission released its database of disciplinary records Aug. 22. The list includes close to 2,200 police officers that have received discipline for around 3,400 allegations of misconduct. 

One UMass Dartmouth Police officer and one Dartmouth Police Department officer are on the list of disciplinary records.

Complaints for minor matters, complaints that were not sustained, and complaints for which officers were exonerated were not included. 

Officers engaged in active investigations are also not included. 

While the information was previously available through public records requests, the new dataset marks the first time that residents may look through the PDF published by POST on their own. 

According to the commission, it will continue to update the data as it validates more reports.

The records were reported by each law enforcement agency. 

Dartmouth Police officer Kyle Berube was disciplined for “use of excessive, non-deadly force” in 2021, as well as “conduct unbecoming.” He was placed on a one to five day suspension.

UMass Dartmouth Police officer Leonard Costa was disciplined twice for “misconduct with fellow officers,” once in 2006 and once in 2019, receiving a one to five day suspension both times.

Two notable cases of police misconduct in the two departments are not included on the database: former Dartmouth Police officer Joshua Luis, who was fired by the Select Board in 2017 following allegations of domestic abuse, sometimes on duty, as well as former UMass Dartmouth Police officer David Laudon, who resigned after multiple allegations by students of sexual assault while on duty. 

UMass Dartmouth Director of Strategic Communications and Media Relations Ryan Merrill said Laudon was not included because “an internal affairs investigation was never conducted on the officer.” Dartmouth Police Department did not immediately answer as to why Luis was not on the list.