A titanic dinner in Dartmouth

Apr 6, 2023

Nearly 111 years after the so-called unsinkable ocean liner Titanic struck an iceberg and sank into the frigid waters off Newfoundland, the last meal served to its first-class passengers will be re-imagined April 16 at Little Moss restaurant in Dartmouth.

The menu includes oysters mignonette, poached salmon, roast duck, sirloin or beef with a demi glacé, Vegetable Marrow Farcis, and homemade ice cream.

Themed drinks offered are celery apple granita and punch romaine.

The meal will be part of the Titanic-themed, day-long food and film event hosted by New Bedford Food Tours in partnership with the New Bedford Film Society and the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

The event commemorates one of the most infamous days in nautical history. On April 14, 1912, the ship that had been unsinkable did just that, plunging to the bottom of the ocean. Only 740 of the 2,240 people on board survived.

The day begins at 11:30 am at the Whaling Museum with period-inspired snacks to the sound of a violinist, scavenger hunt, trivia and costume contest followed by a showing of the “Titanic’’ movie, 25 years after its release.

So called “Passenger Tickets” include the pre-movie activities and snacks with film screening for $28. “First Class” ticket holders will additionally experience the full dinner service in Dartmouth at $250.

Tickets and more information are available from New Bedford Food Tours.