Trump supporters show their colors at Faunce Corner

Sep 23, 2020

Dartmouth residents driving past Faunce Corner on Sept. 20 may have been surprised by a somewhat unusual sight in this neck of the woods: a political rally for President Trump, who is running for reelection in a contentious race against former Vice President Joe Biden in November.

New Bedford resident and participant Steven Miller said that including a large motorcycle parade, nearly 400 people attended the event at the Faunce Corner Road and Route 6 intersection in front of the mall.

Although outdoor gatherings in Massachusetts are still limited to 50 people, there is an exemption for “gatherings for political expression.”

The same grassy area of Faunce Corner also hosted hundreds of peaceful protesters earlier this year for a Black Lives Matter demonstration in June.

“Many people from out of town showed up,” Miller said of the weekend political rally. “The support for Trump was overwhelming.”

“Only a few people threw the middle finger,” he added.

Dartmouth Police Det. Kyle Costa stated there were upwards of 250 people in attendance, noting that everyone was for the most part mindful of both masks and social distancing.

Costa said the event was “extremely peaceful and uneventful,” except for a minor incident involving an object thrown from a passing car.

According to Miller, a young woman at the rally was hit by a Gatorade bottle, but did not sustain any injuries.

“We were able to stop the vehicle and identify both people in it,” said Costa. “They were cited for motor vehicle violations.”

He added that the incident will not result in any criminal charges. “She didn’t want to pursue the matter further,” Costa noted.

Bottle incident notwithstanding, said Miller, “It was a fun time for everyone attending.”