UMass Dartmouth police investigating back-to-back incidents

Nov 21, 2022

UMass Dartmouth police are investigating two incidents that occurred on back-to-back nights, including one involving the use of a BB gun.

The first incident occurred on Nov. 15, according to an email to students and employees sent by Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Kimberly Scott.

University officials say here was a reported breaking and entering into the Spruce Hall, which houses first-year students.

Scott said it is believed that “this was an isolated, targeted instance of theft and believe there is no ongoing threat to the community.”

The next night, police responded to Lot 13, which serves the Claire T. Carney Library and the Charlton College of Business, for a report of a student that had been hit by a projectile from a possible BB or pellet gun.

It is believed the shot was fired from a black sedan, which police have now identified. Patrols are currently on the lookout for the vehicle should it enter campus again.

No serious injuries were reported. 

Anyone with information on these recent incidents is asked to contact the university’s police department at (508) 999-8107.