UPDATED: Interim chief named after District 2 Fire Chief resigns

Dec 2, 2021

Timothy Andre has resigned as Fire District 2 chief and will be replaced at least temporarily by Capt. Greg Edgcomb. 

Edgcomb was appointed interim chief at a Dec. 7 meeting of Fire District 2 Prudential Committee. 

Edgcomb “has the capability of doing the job,’’ said Ralph Medeiros, chair of the committee. He praised Edgcomb’s “fire science and management skills.’’ He said the newly appointed interim chief “has the acumen for the job’’ and “the respect of [his] men as well,’’ which he said was important.

Andre had served as district chief since July 2016 and had been a firefighter for 30 years. His departure was effective Nov. 17, Medeiros said.

“As Chief, his leadership, perseverance and attention to detail enabled significant positive changes in Fire District 2’s performance as a fire company and enhanced its contribution to the District 2 residents and the Town of Dartmouth during this period,’’ Medeiros said. “The Prudential Committee, members of the fire company and residents of the district wish him well in his future endeavors.’’

Andre did not respond to a request for comment. 

Edgcomb served on the Fire District 2 Prudential Committee Dartmouth but resigned about a month ago. His interim chief position will begin Dec. 10, after the mandatory 30-day period has passed since his resignation from the committee as mandated by statute.

Edgcomb selected Wayne Thomas as interim deputy fire chief. The choice is made by the chief, but Medeiros said that the committee “bless[ed] that decision.’’

A permanent chief will be named by no later than the July 1 start of Fiscal Year 2023, Medeiros said. Edgcomb suggested the process could be quicker than that.

“I’d like to think that in 90 days we will have a good sense of where we’re going,’’ he said.

About 10,000 residents live in District No. 2, which is sandwiched by Horseneck and Division roads on the west, and Russells Mills and Potomska roads on the east. The district extends to the Buzzards Bay coast on the southern end, and reaches about halfway up Chase and Lucy Little roads going north.