Westport cow on the lam in Dartmouth

Jun 23, 2020

For weeks, a fugitive has evaded capture by authorities, hiding in the woods with occasional sightings by members of the public.

The fugitive in question? An all-black cow.

According to Animal Control Officer Sandra Gosselin, the cow has been on the loose since escaping from Westport earlier this month. 

“Unless we get people calling us and letting us know where this cow is going, I really can’t do anything,” she said. “It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.” 

Gosselin said she has so far gotten one call about the cow’s whereabouts after a driver spotted the animal on the side of Fall River Road last week. She said that after she arrived with the owner, the cow disappeared into the nearby woods.

“If it comes out we’ll deal with it,” Gosselin said. “For all I know that thing can end up in the Freetown State Forest.”

If anyone does spot the cow, Gosselin advises them to call animal control and to stay away from the cow, as it could wreck your car.

“People don’t realize how good they can jump,” she said. 

Gosselin said that many cows are scared of other animals, so those lucky enough to catch a glimpse should keep their distance. Unless the cow is familiar with people, it’s just going to remain in hiding.

She also advised residents not to try to wrangle the cow on their own, saying that people will end up like a cartoon character and get dragged around by the rope. 

“I’ve seen it and I’ve done it,” she laughed.

She said her current hope is that the cow makes its way down Bergeron Lane because there are some cattle in that area that this particular cow might try to socialize with. She added that this property is also fenced, which would help it be corralled into a stock trailer. 

“It’s only easy when you’ve got the situation to make it easy,” she said. “You really got to use your farming sense.”