Town secures fixed-rate electricity for residents

Dec 11, 2017

The Town of Dartmouth has signed a new contract to continue its electricity aggregation program for residents.

In a press release, officials announced that Dartmouth has signed a new three-year contract together with 22 additional Massachusetts communities with Public Power, LLC for fixed-rate electricity.

Under the contract, Dartmouth Eversource customers will pay $0.10122 per kilowatt hour in electricity supply costs from January 2018 to January 2021. The cost will remain the same for the duration of the contract, and will not increase or decrease during peak months like Eversource’s Basic Service, which changes its rates every six months.

Dartmouth began its Community Aggregation Program in 2016. The program allows Dartmouth and neighboring cities and towns to bulk purchase electricity and secure a fixed rate for the contract period.

In January 2016, the town signed on to a 24-month contract with a different energy supplier, which locked residents energy bills at $0.0949 per kilowatt-hour. That contract is set to expire at the end of the month.

“As municipal leaders, we are glad to provide a program to our residents which provides them with electric supply price stability for another three years and already will provide them with a savings during the next six months in comparison to what the electric utilities will be charging,” said Town Administrator David Cressman in a press release. “This is the type of regional program which is beneficial as it is initiated by the municipalities rather than dictated by the state or federal government and results in a program with no direct costs onto municipal budgets.”

Although the previous contract did save residents money on their electric bills compared with the standard Eversource rates, officials cannot guarantee savings for the entire contract period due to changing rates.

From January to June 30, 2018, residents will save over Eversource’s $0.13157 winter rate.

All electric customers in Dartmouth were automatically enrolled in the program when it began in 2016. For those who are still enrolled, no action is required to continue participation under the new contract.

Residents who previously opted out of the program, or who are currently with a third-party energy supplier can contact Public Power, LLC to enroll at (800) 830-2944, or by email at

Information will be sent to customers currently on Eversoure’s Basic Service who did not previously opt out with details on the program.