Dartmouth police holiday video features 'stranger' twist

Dec 19, 2017

In the Dartmouth Police Department's latest holiday video, thing are getting a little strange for the department that saved Christmas by arresting the Grinch and solved the case of a grandma run over by a reindeer.

Now, officers are investigating a report of a missing child with psychic powers, mysterious underground tunnels to alternate dimensions popping up around town, and a cat-eating monster trapped in a closet.

Okay, perhaps not really. But that's the subject of the department's latest holiday video, jointly produced by the Dartmouth Police Department and Dartmouth Community Television. This year, officers decided on a parody of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things for its holiday video.

“We like to incorporate whatever’s trending,” said Dartmouth Police Det. Kyle Costa, who wrote many of the scenes in the film. “We wanted to incorporate Stranger Things this year.”

Costa, who is himself a big fan of the show that follows a group of middle schoolers and their new friend with psychic abilities, noted the video is a bit darker than previous holiday videos.

Holiday videos have become an annual tradition for the department. In past years, an episode of “Dartmouth COPS” highlighted the department saving Christmas by arresting the Grinch for stealing presents, and a parody of the documentary series “The First 48” chronicled the investigation of a hit-and-run involving grandma and an out-of-control reindeer.

In the video released on December 19, officers are called out to the aptly-named 11 Hawkins Lane, for a report of a dragon devouring a cat. Things get even stranger from there, as an officer volunteers to hop in a hole into an alternate dimension - called the “upside down” in the show - and takes a report of a missing girl from a creepy scientist.

The video was made with about eight officers and employees from the department, and crews from Dartmouth Community Television.

It can be viewed on the Dartmouth Community TV YouTube channel, youtube.com/user/DartmouthCommunityTV.