Youth basketball team begins season strong

Jan 10, 2018

As the Dartmouth Youth Activities Association’s basketball season heats up in its older age divisions, coaches and athletes are already working hard to up their game.

That’s according to Steve Fortin, coach of The Heat team in the league’s Pony division for teens. His team won its first game of the season, but faced a 28-26 loss to the Pacers. But the early 1-1 record is not worrying him or his team.

“It’s only our second game, and we have a great group of kids,” Fortin said.

The Pony Division is DYAA's second-highest in terms of age and experience. Fortin’s team is mostly made up of teenagers who have been at the game, and league, for several years.

“In the lower levels it’s more skill-building,” Fortin said, adding that at this point his team is made up of players who have a solid grasp on the fundamentals.

Athletes include Alex Rezendes, who’s going on his fifth year on a youth basketball team. Despite the season starting recently, he’s already liking what he’s seeing.

“We’re pretty good,” Rezendes said. “We have good guys and we have good team chemistry.”

The Heat will take to the court next on January 13, facing off against the Celtics team.