Youth basketball team continues undefeated record

Jan 24, 2018

The Dartmouth Girls Athletic League’s Florida team is reveling in a record-setting season, as the team picked up its eighth straight win of the season on January 23.

The 37-23 win against Stanford - teams are named after colleges - brought the team to an 8-0 record, a feat Coach Rob Tetrault credits to a talented crop of seventh and eighth graders.

“We have three girls that play on the travel team and two girls who played last year,” Tetrault said. “It is kind of a mix.”

It’s also one of the highest level of competition in DGAL’s youth basketball league. Unlike lower grade levels, which concentrate on developing fundamentals, many of the girls on Pony-level teams are preparing for possible runs in high school basketball. About half of Tetrault’s athletes usually try out for a high school basketball team.

“At this level you don’t have to coach as much,” Tetrault said, noting that the heightened competitiveness can sometimes be a challenge.

For some on the team, like Emma Tetrault, basketball has been a lifelong passion. She’s been on the courts since she was in kindergarten.

“Both of my sisters played, and it’s something I just decided I wanted to do,” Tetrault said.

She’s excited to be joined by her friends on the team, which is already excelling thanks to solid teamwork and ball control.

“Our team is really good at passing the ball and finding openings,” Tetrault said.

Others, like Kathryn Lancaster, only recently joined the team. She’s been playing for two years, encouraged by her friend Emma to join the team after she wrote a rap to coax the busy athlete into trying out.

Despite a heavy sports schedule - she also plays field hockey and softball - she is enjoying her time on the team.

Elizabeth Vieira has three years of experience under her belt, but only recently decided to pursue her passion.

“I’ve always liked the sport,” Vieira said. “I wanted to play basketball since I was little,” but was always a little nervous about tryouts.

All three girls plan to try out for the high school team next year to put their years of learning with Dartmouth Girls Athletic League to the test.