No threat found in "concerning" Snapchat post by high school student

Feb 16, 2018

Dartmouth police and school officials have determined a “concerning comment” made by a Dartmouth High School student on social media does not pose a threat to the school community.

According to police, on February 16 officers and school officials investigated a comment made on social media by a Dartmouth High School student.

In a statement emailed to parents, Principal Ross Thibault said the posting was made on Snapchat on Thursday night, and referenced the February 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The message did not make a direct threat to the school, but school officials took “decisive action to ensure that our school, students, faculty and staff were safe and that a clear message that disruptive, inappropriate social media posts will not be tolerated at Dartmouth High School," Thibault said in the email.

Superintendent Bonny Gifford said the student was brought into the main office immediately upon arriving at school Friday morning. After being questioned by police, the student was removed from the school.

According to police, the investigation found no “immediate or conceivable threat to the safety of either students or staff.”

The school day went on as usual, but there was an increased police presence at all district schools, Gifford said.

The student was not arrested. Administrators will be meeting after February vacation to discuss possible disciplinary action.

In light of both the incidents at Dartmouth High and in Florida, Gifford said plans to hold intruder drills will likely be accelerated. District officials had already been planning to introduce violent intruder drills at the middle and high schools, with less intensive drills at elementary schools, in the spring.

The drills would highlight the district’s ALICE protocol. It stands for "alert, lockdown, inform, counter, evacuate," and gives students and staff more options in responding to an intruder situation, such as sheltering in place, fleeing, or hiding.