Guest speaker of historical society to focus on Westport highway

Feb 26, 2018

The Dartmouth Historical and Arts Society will host a guest speaker with a focus on the impact of Route 88.

Route 88 is a 12-mile stretch of road through Westport that caused controversy when it was being built. The road caused discrepancies among farms and businesses.

The speaker, Claude Ledoux is, among other things, a author, radio talks how host, historian and farmer from Westport. He is known for his book “A History of Westport in the Twentieth Century” and his 14-year show “WESTPORTMATTERS” that had shows about farming and other related topics. Ledoux will speak about how the highway came to be and the impact it had on the surrounding community.

The event takes place March 4 at 2:30 p.m. at the Russells Mills schoolhouse. Refreshments will be served and a $5 donation is recommended.