Panelists to educate on land record history in town

Mar 12, 2018

The Dartmouth Historical and Arts society will hold a lecture on March 18 at the Russell Mills Schoolhouse centered on family history in relation to land records.

There will be 10 minute presentations starting at 2:30 p.m. from various researchers. Each will focus on different topics in conjunction with land use in the town and genealogy.

Panelist Sally Aldrich is the foremost expert in the area on proprietors records. She will discuss the old Dartmouth proprietor records.

Dan Socha is the webmaster for the historical and arts society, having created an index to find proprietor record transcriptions. He will give an update about the index.

Richard Gifford has done lectures on South Coast genealogy and history. He will talk about tracking families by their land records.

Marian Ryall and Donald are both members of the historical and arts society and the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists. Ryall does research on land records. She will discuss ownership in Russells Mills Village. Plant has found ancestral links to the original Mayflower passengers and will look at what happened to the original owners of properties.

Robert Harding is the president of the historical and arts society. He is also a local historian and genealogist, having studied various historical aspects of Dartmouth. His presentation focuses on an illustrative deed.

A $5 donation is recommended and light refreshments will be served. The Dartmouth Historical and Arts Society is located at 1205 Russells Mills Road.