Dartmouth Middle students speak up against gun violence

Mar 21, 2018

First responders and Dartmouth Middle students united to “Speak Up” and honor victims of the Parkland, Florida school shooting on March 21.

On that day, students donned the color orange to make a statement against gun violence. Students also created “Speak Up and Remember” bracelets to wear and distribute to first responders.

Student representative Amelia Ablett was one of the first students to approach Principal Darren Doane with the idea of holding the event at Dartmouth Middle.

“I’m just tired of seeing all of these kids die at a place where they’re supposed to be safe and I know everyone wants it to be over,” Ablett said.

Doane agreed, and the two worked together to create an event inclusive for students to have their voices heard.

The event also acknowledged first responders. State and Dartmouth police, firefighters, and EMTS met with students, had coffee and snacks, and were presented with cards signed by students.

Fire District No. 3 Chief Richard Arruda accepted a card for his district.

“It was just nice for the young community and the schools to reach out to us, ask us to come in and thank us,” Arruda said. “They took the time to write these awesome letters and they all signed them and we will probably display them in our fire station.”

Doane was happy to see students’ hard work come to fruition in an inclusive event.

“I was just extremely proud at the fact that their intentions were very positive and the fact that not only did they want to support the victims in Parkland, Florida, but also they wanted to support kindness and safety as a whole,” Doane said.

The event was originally planned for March 14, but was rescheduled because of a snowstorm.