Children get egg-cited for Easter

Mar 24, 2018

Snow on the ground didn’t stop the Easter bunny from hiding eggs for Dartmouth kids to find at two egg hunts on March 25.

The Dartmouth YMCA began the egg hunt day at its Gulf Road property as children ages eight and under arrived with easter baskets in hand to find as many colored eggs as possible, which included surprises like Hershey kisses, Starbursts, and toys like slinkies.

Jessica Bento brought her three-year-old daughter Anelise Markman to the event. She had only heard about the event less than an hour before it started. Markman was was all smiles as she opened up her eggs revealing some of her favorite candy.

“I like the Starbursts and the slinkies,” Markman said.

Charlotte Raposo and her cousins joined in on the fun as well. Raposo had a basket full of eggs and was excited to see what she had gotten.

“I like opening the eggs and seeing what’s inside,” Raposo said.

YMCA school-age child care director Mandy Magalhaes put the event together with help from program director Samantha Fagundes. With $150 in candy purchases, 75 people attended the event. Proceeds will benefit other YMCA activities.

Down the street at Apponagansett Park, the Easter bunny paid a visit to egg hunters for Dartmouth Parks and Recreation’s late morning egg hunt.

Eggs were hidden throughout the park, and raffles for toys were held as well. Jessie Almeida was excited to go home and play with the new toys she had won. Emilia Sylvia showed off the giant stuffed minion doll she had won to her friend Thailar Vincent. Another person also won a small basket full items.

Jake Baker loved seeing the Easter bunny and gave him a big hug.

“He was nice and warm,” Baker said.

The event circulated social media the night before the event, so Parks and Recreation Director Tim Lancaster was delighted to see how many children turned out for the event.

“It was still good,” Lancaster said. “We still had a good turnout considering people didn’t really hear about it right away.”