Man arrested in woods behind DeMello Elementary School

Mar 29, 2018

Dartmouth police arrested a man found in a tent behind DeMello Elementary School.

According to police, officers were notified on March 28 at 8:25 a.m. of a tent that was located in the woods directly behind DeMello Elementary School. The tent could be seen from the playground.

Two male occupants and the tent were located upon police arrival. Checks were conducted on both men, and it was discovered that one of them, 31-year-old James Curry, had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear for jury duty.

Curry, who has an address listed in Fall River, was placed under arrest. The other man removed the tent and vacated the area.

About five years ago a similar situation happened, but the person was arrested on an unrelated issue, according to Det. Kyle Costa.

Dartmouth Police Chief Brian Levesque encouraged the public to continue the practice of "If you see something, say something!"