Meet the candidates in Dartmouth's fire district elections

Apr 26, 2018

Elections for the Prudential Committees of each of Dartmouth’s three fire districts are scheduled for April 30.

The three-person committees oversee each fire district's finances. Fire districts are separate from the town and carry its own taxing authority.

Voters may vote in the election of their own fire district. The polling locations are 10 Bridge Street for Fire District No. 1; 1100 Russells Mills Road for Fire District No. 2; and 140 Cross Road for Fire District No. 3.

Polls open at 11 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

In Fire District No. 1, incumbent Joe Sylvia is not seeking re-election. Joann Avila and Robert Davignon are in the running for his seat. In District No. 2’s election, incumbent Ralph Medeiros is running unopposed. In District No. 3, incumbent Robert Zina and newcomer Ken Loranger are in the running.

Read up on the candidates with Dartmouth Week's profiles below:

Fire District No. 1

Joann Avila

Robert Davignon

Fire District No. 2

Ralph Medeiros

Fire District No. 3

Robert Zina

Ken Loranger