Beep, beep: Touch a Truck takes over Healthy Kids Day event

Apr 28, 2018

Obama Riley sat perched in the seat of a Fire District No. 2 truck honking the horn and checking out all the vehicle's gizmos.

“It’s fun,” Riley said. “You get to beep the horn when people are in the way.”

The batman-capped boy was just one of hundreds of kids to stop by the YMCA’s Touch a Truck and Healthy Kids day event on April 28.

Finne Brown had a lot of fun checking out one of the tractors, although it wasn’t his favorite. Instead, he named the fire engine and Big Wheels truck as the two he liked most.

“They had cool controls,” he said.

Upon arrival, kids received a paper, and every time they visited a vehicle they marked it on their sheet. Once their sheet was full, they turned it into the YMCA staff for bubbles.

As part of Healthy Kids Day, the YMCA handed out fruit and other nutritious snacks and even had a dentist at the event talking to kids.

Samantha Fagundes the senior program director, said the event is great for getting businesses involved in the community and vice versa. It is also the kick off to summer and allows people to check out the upcoming summer camps.

“We’re very excited we had a gorgeous day,” Fagundes said. “We had a good turnout, lots of families, lots of little ones and we hope everyone will come back and check us out for summer camp.”