Hall of Fame night ignites old friendships, memories

May 5, 2018

For alumni James Cadieux, the Dartmouth High Athletics Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a night full of memories and coincidences.

It’s been 41 years since Cadieux hit the gridiron wearing number 41, but on May 4, he realized just how much he has in common with other inductees into the school’s hall of fame.

“Being inducted is a great honor and privilege that I’ve gotten through I think my head coach Carlin Lynch,” Cadieux said. “I think it all had to do with him.”

Fellow inductee Clyde Andrews -- who played football alongside Cadieux’s brother Tommy -- agreed.

“He made you give 100 percent and he knew your potential,” Andrews said.

Andrews played both football and baseball at Dartmouth, and played in college too. He did try out for two MLB teams including the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals.

In 1975, Cadieux held a rushing yard record that went unbeaten until Jordan Todman, who was also inducted into the hall of fame this year.

Todman is still in his NFL career, and currently is a running back for the Houston Texans. He continues to carry his love for the game and lessons he learned at Dartmouth High throughout his career.

“It’s just a dream come true,” Todman said. “I dreamed of being in the NFL since I was 8 years old, I’m 28 now and I’m going on eight years in the NFL.”

Stephanie Manny, like many of the other honorees, was a two-sport softball and basketball athlete. She learned a lot of valuable life lessons like self-discipline and time management.

She will always remember the year the softball team got to play in Holland with coach Berry Haskell. Haskell taught her to be a competitive athlete while also having respect.

Jackie Ladino still keeps sports a part of her life even after finishing her career as a field hockey, lacrosse and basketball player. Ladino went on to coach at Simmons College during her graduate years, and now plays on a club field hockey team.

Of all her memories, winning the 2005 women’s state basketball championship her junior year is by far one of her favorites. She credited all of the success to teamwork.

Ryan Goyette reflected on his high school athletic career as a basketball player by thanking his former coach and this year’s coach’s award recipient, Steve Gaspar, for shaping his life.

Gaspar gave Goyette a job in the summer and life advice which he still lives by: “Don’t live with any regrets.”

Other honorees were the 1991 field hockey team which won the Div. 1 state championship and special achievement recipients Brenda Regan and Jim Thompson. Regan was the secretary to the director of athletics, physical education and health for 19 years. Thompson, also and alumni, has been broadcasting games for over 20 years for Dartmouth Community TV.

The event was hosted at Rachel's Lakeside restaurant in Dartmouth.