Bylaw change pitched to fix Padanaram parking problem

Jun 5, 2018

Faced with the loss of parking spaces in Padanaram from construction projects now wrapping up, the Select Board has come up with a solution: paint, and a bylaw change.

A total of 16 parking spaces in Padanaram are in jeopardy due to the town's parking regulations, explained Select Board Chair Shawn McDonald. The current plan calls for painting defined parking spaces within the village. However, because the town’s parking regulations forbid parking within 10 feet of a driveway or 20 feet from an intersection, spaces would be lost because the lines need to be precise and conform with the law.

The Select Board proposed to change that requirement to create an exemption for marked spaces. The change would also require creating a new citation for failing to park within the lines, although Select Board members have not yet decided on what amount to set the fine.

The board voted to approve the bylaw changes and to create a new sub committee to review the town’s parking regulations.

Due to the cost of advertising the bylaw changes, they will not be implemented right away but the town plans to hold off on enforcing the current law once the lines are painted.