Sack races, egg balancing, and tug of war: DeMello Elementary hosts field day

Jun 12, 2018

Fifth grader Tabor Sylvia is a master of balance, which helped him excel at an egg balancing competition at DeMello Elementary School.

It was one of about a half-dozen physical competition stations outside at the elementary school on June 12 as part of the school-wide field day. Students took turns doing everything from balancing an egg on a spoon, to ringing out ice-cold wet sponges during the event.

Some students came up with some ingenious ways to complete the challenges, noted second grade teacher Sara Kolbeck as she watched her students compete in a “Cage Ball” contest.

It’s a simple challenge: move a large yellow ball in an out of cones set up on the field. Yet students did everything from dribble the ball, which was almost as large as some of the younger kids, to rolling on top of it.

Each class donned its own T-shirt with a team name emblazoned on it. Students got creative designing their T-shirts, which was one of fifth grader Peter Herlihy’s favorite parts. He styled his around a cookie monster, because he loves monsters.

“I really liked the sponge challenge, it was a fun way to cool off,” he added as he helped clean up hula hoops during a break.

Principal Catherine Pavao noted the sunny weather was perfect for the field day, which was made possible by the school PTO, volunteers, and physical education teacher Katie Schmich.