Dominating force: Dartmouth High tennis player finishes strongest season yet

Jun 19, 2018

At only 5 feet 4 inches tall, Trevor Schwarzmann can tell he’s not what people think of as the average tennis player. It’s because he’s not one.

While practicing his serve on the Dartmouth High courts he’s come to call home, the rising senior was noted for his ability of chopping down giants by Head Coach Donald York.

“It’s just frustrating to play him, and I know because I’ve played him,” York said. “You just don’t know what he’s going to come up with next.”

York has been his coach since freshman year, and said he knew right from the beginning Schwarzmann was going to be a tremendous player. He’s even called him the best in the school’s history.  His wins show why.

Schwarzmann came off the spring season with only one loss to Needham High School’s Kevin Chao. In the state tournament, he made it to the semi-finals, the furthest he’s ever gone. In his freshman and sophomore years he only made it to the quarter-finals. His achievements have been recognized by the Boston Globe.

It wasn’t just the team's win percentage he impacted though. As team captain, he has helped change the way current and incoming players see the sport, according to York.

In order to dominate the court even more, Schwarzmann began working year round. This included sessions at Dartmouth Indoor Tennis, a facility which allowed him to practice whenever he wanted to and introduced him to pro tennis athletes who strengthened his skill set.

But for Schwarzmann, none of it would be possible if his dad hadn’t put a racket in his hand when he was 4 years old. Since then, his father has been among one of his biggest supporters.

“We both bond over watching the sport, playing it,” Schwarzmann said. “I mean we both love it. We both bond over it. It’s just a good thing to have.”

With his high school career coming to a close next year, Schwarzmann wants to continue his love of the game in college. Although he wouldn’t say what universities he’s currently looking at, he will be attending a college showcase in Gifford, Connecticut from June 22-24. He was also scouted by Boston College earlier in the season.

No matter where he goes to college, Schwarzmann is always keeping the advice his father gave him about never giving up in mind.

“All he says is it will eventually pay off and just keep working hard, keep practicing, keep going to the gym, keep running,” Schwarzmann said.