Summer School students dance it out at Quinn concert

Aug 8, 2018

The auditorium at the Quinn school was hopping on August 8 as summer school students attended a concert put on just for them.

Ryley Ustinovich, 16, Taylor Olimpio, 15, Cole Perry, 15, and Emerson Clarke, 14, all Dartmouth High School students, sang a number of hit songs with a karaoke soundtrack to the delight of the students who gathered to see them.

Olimpio and Perry are also volunteering at the school.

“The best part about it is when you can see them smiling and on their feet and dancing,” said Perry. “That’s when you know you’ve made a mark.”

“It’s my job to come in during the day and make sure they’re having fun,” said Olimpio.

Songs included “Don’t Stop Believing,” “Dancing Queen,” “Happy,” and “Time of My Life.”

“We want to make sure [the songs] have good messages,” said Clarke.

“We also want to make the teachers happy,” added Perry.

Robin Kolbeck, a DeMello School teacher and the summer school coordinator, noted it's become a yearly tradition.

Julia Olimpio, who performed in previous years and hosted this year’s show with Ryan Boudreau, said, “It’s always a lot of fun to see the kids up and dancing.”

The kids did love the show, and many got up and danced. “Happy” and “Dancing Queen” seemed to be the breakout hits of the show.

At the end of the show, Taylor Olimpio asked if the kids had fun and received an enthusiastic “Yeah!” in return.

“We did have fun,” said student Anna George, who cited “The Cup Song” as being her favorite song of the show.

Caleb Raposa also said he enjoyed it, even though he prefers rap and rhythm and blues music.

Benjamin Smith said his favorite song was “Time of My Life,” because it reminds him of a family vacation.

All the students seemed to be in high spirits as they left the auditorium, energized by some great music and a fun time.