Animal Control gets a boost from license plates

Oct 4, 2018

Some vanity plates are not just for the vain. The “I’m Animal Friendly” plate has funded a $5,000 grant to provide spay and neuter services.

The Dartmouth Animal Control Department received the grant from the Massachusetts Animal Coalition, which is funded in part by sales of special license plates.

The plates cost $40, and the coalition collects $28 of that cost, and the entire cost of renewal.  

Animal Control Officer and Inspection Supervisor Sandy Gosselin said the money will provide spay and neuter procedures for both owned and feral dogs and cats.

“It certainly does help,” Gosselin said, noting that a number of people have already requested the service.

Animal Control can also provide vouchers through the state, but those take longer to process and are only accepted by some vets.

“We’re trying to get people to fix their animals if they need help and trying to get some colonies of feral cats fixed,” Gosselin said.

Spaying and neutering both owned and feral dogs and cats is important to control overpopulation. This is especially true for feral cat colonies, which can be composed of 10 or 20 cats. These cats pose a threat to local bird populations.

To get in touch with Animal Control for more information, call (508) 910-1840.

“I’m Animal Friendly” plates are available at the Registry of Motor Vehicles or on the registry’s website.

The Massachusetts Animal Coalition also accepts donations directly at