Opinion: In opposition of banning dogs from Elm Street Cemetery

Jun 10, 2024

To the editor:

This is in regards to the letter to the editor about walking dogs at the Elm Street Cemetery. 

There are not many places in Dartmouth where you can safely walk your dogs. I walk my dog at the cemetery several times a week along with many others.
The dog walkers there appear to be diligent about cleaning up after the dogs. Everyone is very friendly.
There are times when cars go by that you have to go onto the grass to get out of the way.
There are paths in front of the graves where people have walked to visit or look at the graves stones. I for one have walked up to grave stones to read them as many do I suspect as many are very old.
This lady said the woman and the dog were walking near the graves, but never said they were causing any harm or disturbing anything, just walking along.
I am sorry this was disturbing for her, but I believe that was not the intent. Even people who walk there without dogs walk near the graves sometimes just to look at the stones or inscriptions.
Please don't ruin this for so many dog walkers who enjoy walking through the cemetery. Sometimes we are the only ones there. I have actually been approached by visitors who just want to talk to someone or say, ‘Hi,’ to my dog. I am very sensitive to giving people space and privacy too and will re route in order to do that.
I do not believe anyone who goes there is causing any harm to the cemetery. 
Thank you,
Sharon Moses