Sheriff’s office reports no new covid cases since July 10

Jul 20, 2020

Bristol County correctional facilities are now covid-free.

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Office announced announced Friday that since July 10, no staff members, county inmates or ICE detainees have tested positive for the coronavirus, and that everyone who has tested positive has made a full recovery.

"We're not out of the woods yet," Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said. "There are still more than 100,000 Covid cases in Massachusetts and many experts are predicting another wave in the fall. We will continue to be vigilant and careful in our facilities, especially when new individuals are admitted."

All of the 48 inmates who have tested positive for coronavirus since the pandemic began have recovered and returned to general population or have been released as their sentences had concluded.

Since the pandemic began, 43 sheriff’s office staffers have tested positive for the virus. No staff members are currently away from the facility as 42 recovered and returned to duty and one, a health care professional from Correctional Psychiatric Services, left the office to take a different position at a health care facility in Dartmouth.

Policies that the facility has implemented since the start of the pandemic include disinfecting every day, screening all staff and new arrivals, and stopping all in-person visitation.

According to the statement, in-person visitation may resume “soon” based on guidance from the governor’s office, the state Department of Public Health, and the CDC.

From here on, the jail will only update if any cases arise.