Snow place like home: Residents enjoy first snow day of the season

Dec 17, 2020

Winter has arrived in Dartmouth.

While Thursday’s nor’easter was not as snowy as expected, residents still made the most of the first snow day of the season with shoveling, sledding, and snowball fights.

“This was a great break from things,” said Dartmouth High student Phoenix Campbell, 15. “I didn’t think they were actually going to cancel classes.” 

Class might have been canceled, but outside Dartmouth Middle school, more than a dozen kids and parents used their afternoon to get some sledding in before the snow froze over.

“Our kids woke up at 7 and were waiting for this all day,” resident Eugenia Spinelli said.

Fellow Dartmouth resident and sledding enthusiast Demetrious Harrington said that his family was also looking forward to getting some much needed snow time.

“We just thought we’d come out during lunch and have some fun,” he said before heading down the hill. “Lots of good sledding spots here — so much open space to keep your social distance from others.” 

Harrington added that wearing a mask was an added benefit to the snow day since it could keep faces warm.

“Always nice to have a safe snow day,” he said.

Daughter Eliaa, 5, said speeding down the hill was “very fun” and that she wanted to get at least ten more runs in before her family had to go back home to work.

“I like that I can go super duper fast,” she added.