Un-fore!-gettable: Six-year-old wins golf tournament

Aug 27, 2020

One of Dartmouth’s own just won his first golf tournament earlier this month — at the age of six.

In just his first year of competitive golf, Barrett Taylor was named this year’s champ of the U.S. Kids Boston Local Tour, an annual New England-wide tournament.

“It was very fun,” Barrett said of the tournament.

Barrett first picked up a golf club when he was three years old, and played his first nine holes at Allendale Country Club just this past year.

“I got into it because I got into it,” Barrett said. “Putting is my favorite.”

Ben Taylor, Barrett’s father and his 'caddy' during the tournament, said he was very proud of his son’s performance and was honored to be his caddy. Taylor added that his role primarily consisted of making sure his son followed the rules and etiquette of the game, and that any success “was really all Barrett.”

“He worked really hard and it shows,” Taylor said, noting that during the tournament, Barrett placed first or in the top four of every course.

Along with the win, Taylor said he liked how the tournament was able to give his family a sense of normalcy during this pandemic.

“It felt great to get out of the house in a way that was safe,” Taylor said. “Golf is the perfect activity for the climate we are in.”

He said it also gave Barrett a chance to meet other kids, something he was unable to do after school went virtual and his usual summer camp was cancelled.

“I met a guy named Colten, he’s my friend,” Barrett said. “I went to his birthday party — they had a dunk tank.”

Coincidentally, Barrett’s new friend also happens to be from Dartmouth.

“We didn’t know Colten before driving up two-and-a-half hours,” Taylor said. “Over the past eight weeks, they’ve now become really close friends.”

To prepare, Taylor said he and Barrett go to the driving range at least three times a week, with a nine-hole round each weekend at Allendale — in addition to regular practices with his coach Gary Cardoza in Fairhaven.

During practice games, Taylor said he does not go easy on his son, but there have been a few times over the summer where Barrett has beat him.

“It feels good,” Barrett said about besting his father.

“At this point I would say I’m still slightly better,” Taylor laughed. “But I would say my days are certainly numbered.”