FBI releases new photos of accused cop killer Donald Eugene Webb

Jun 15, 2017

As the FBI steps up its search for a wanted fugitive with Dartmouth ties, the agency has released a collection of new photographs of the suspect in the hopes of generating new leads.

On June 15, the FBI’s Boston field office released over a dozen never-before-seen photos of Donald Eugene Webb, a wanted fugitive alleged to have murdered a Pennsylvania police chief in 1980. Webb is known to have ties to southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. His wife at the time of the murder, Lillian Webb, and her son Stanley Webb live in Dartmouth.

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Webb, described by the FBI as a career criminal specializing in jewel theft, is accused of gunning down Saxonburg Police Chief Gregory Adams during a routine traffic stop on December 4, 1980. The FBI believes Webb was in Pennsylvania that day casing a jewelry store to rob. It is believed that he returned to New England after the murder. His getaway car was discovered in a Rhode Island hotel parking lot later that month.

The FBI is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to Webb’s whereabouts, or the location of his remains if he is no longer alive. If he is still alive, Webb would be 85 years old.

According to a press release from the FBI, a majority of the newly released photos were taken on a cruise Webb took with his wife in July 1979, a little over a year before Adams’ death and Webb’s subsequent disappearance. The photos were obtained after the FBI started an active cold case investigation in 2015.

“We’re asking the public to take a close look at these photographs that we recently acquired and contact us if they have any information about Mr. Webb’s whereabouts,” said Special Agent Harold H. Shaw of the FBI Boston Division in a press release. “The FBI cannot make the assumption Webb is deceased without verification. We’re in the final stages of this investigation, and given Mr. Webb’s age, we’re doing everything we can to bring some closure to Chief Adams’ family and the citizens of Saxonburg.”

Over the years, the search for Webb has brought FBI agents to the Maplecrest Drive home of Lillian and Stanley Webb. The home, Lillian, and Stanley are at the center of a lawsuit filed by Pennsylvania attorney Thomas King III, representing the family of the slain police chief, earlier this month. Donald Webb is also named in the lawsuit, despite uncertainty if he is still alive.

King told Dartmouth Week that the goal of the lawsuit was to secure Lillian and Stanley’s cooperation after his clients learned of a hidden room discovered in the Webb home. The room contained a cane – a significant discovery because it is believed Donald Webb was shot in the leg during the altercation that claimed Adams’ life.

Reached by phone after the release of the new photos on June 15, King said Adams’ family is hopeful that the photos could lead to new information about Webb’s whereabouts, particularly in Pennsylvania and in the New England area where sightings were reported.

“These photos are quite remarkable,” King said. “They are an improvement from the photos used for many years,” he said, referencing the original mugshot and age-enhanced photo previously used on Webb’s wanted poster.

According to the FBI, Webb was first listed on the agency’s Most Wanted Fugitives list in 1981. He was removed from the list in 2007.

To view all of the new photos and a copy of Donald's wanted poster, visit fbi.gov. Anyone with information on Donald is asked to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), or submit a tip online.