Area restaurant give appreciation bonuses to staff

Feb 23, 2018

A group of business owners has given their employees bonuses as a response to President Donald Trump's tax plan passed in December.

Sail Loft, a restaurant and bar in South Dartmouth, was able to figure out the restaurant's projected savings for the coming year based on the tax plan.

After going over the numbers, the owners felt their employees deserved to know how much their work was appreciated, according to Hunt Latham, one of the owners.

They came to a total number of $6,900, which the owners then split up between 24 total employees. Full-time employees, those who worked 30 hours or more received a one-time bonus of $500 and part-time employees were given $200.

This isn’t the only restaurant receiving bonuses though. Employees at the Speedwell Tavern in Plymouth, The Stowaway in Mattapoisett, Duck Inn Pub in Hyannis and The Gateway Tavern in Wareham are also getting bonuses. A combined total of 93 checks were given out between all of the restaurants.

Latham said it was easy for the owners to give out the bonuses because of the hard work their employees produce every day and how it translates into helping their business overall.

“We found the best way to improve our product and to keep improving it is to keep our employees happy when they walk into here everyday and that translates into better customer service and better experience for the customer,” Latham said.