Community program's hike educates kids

May 7, 2018

A group of students got down and dirty in nature with worms and rocks at a special nature hike as part of the Encompass Community nature program.

Seth Garfield lead the adventure, which he runs on Mondays and Thursdays. He takes the group of children and parents participating in the Encompass Community - a partnership with Friends Academy with funding from the Center for Education Innovation - on the trails behind the Tucker Road campus.

He pointed out deer tracks, a dead bird, worms and other creatures during the hike, and the kids munched on cookies one parent baked for the group.

Elizabeth Gouveia, the founding director said family events really help solidify the essence of the program.

“On days like today when we do have a large group and parents are involved it really feels my heart and I’m a curious person and they’re curious kids so I feel like we’re kind of learning together,” Gouveia said.

The program educates home-schooled children and others in the arts and sciences. Kathy Verissimo has been bringing her son Markeace to the events after deciding to homeschool him in October 2017.

“It’s been so much fun,” Verissimo said. “With him just sort of being able to be a free kid and learn about nature, it’s been so cool and then getting to talk to other parents who are sort of facing the same challenges, it’s nice to have that community.”

Markeace has had a lot of fun too, getting to explore and learn more about wildlife. He noted the trip on May 2 to Cuttyhunk Island and saw 150 seals as one of the coolest things he’s done.