Dartmouth resident turns 100 years old

May 21, 2018

Horace Wildes spent much of May 19 reliving memories with friends and families who gathered at his South Dartmouth home for his 100th birthday party.

At the party, Horace enjoyed cake and visited with family members, including three sons, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

“It’s great,” he said. “ Some of them I don’t see very often.”

One of seven children, Wildes grew up farming and caring for his younger siblings, two of which are still alive today.

Horace isn't the only one in his family to live past 100 either as his great grandmother lived to 103. However, for Horace age is simply a number.

Although he no longer maintains the dairy farm his family once owned in Little Compton, Wildes remains active in other ways.The avid gym-goer said it’s his secret to longevity.

Wildes, who works out at Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness on Faunce Corner Road, surprises young folks with his "get there and get it done" attitude. It was actually at the gym where he spent part of his May 18 birthday.

“I just try to keep healthy and do what I need to do,” he said.

Wildes also focuses on house chores and maintaining classic cars to keep himself busy. The licensed driver currently has two classic cars registered to drive, but has several others he works on in his garage.